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The UseROSS Channel Manager was designed and built in Australia by accommodation providers, like you, who wanted a say in where our industry was headed. The intention, to TAKE BACK CONTROL from the overseas behemoths who only want to charge you an ever-increasing commission for your bookings.

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Certified PCI Compliant. In order to accept payments via credit cards, your reservation and billing systems must be PCI compliant. UseROSS’ secure infrastructure is certified PCI-DSS compliant and uses 128-bit SSL certificates to keep guest reservation details secure.

Accept Secure Online Payments 

  • Make your online bookings secure and reliable with payments deposited directly to your bank account.
  • Payment Infrastructure Ready For You. UseROSS’ secure and reliable payment gateway allows your guests to always have a way to pay. So why not let them easily pay the way they want to.
  • No More Virtual Credit Cards. Many Channel Managers and Online Travel Agents send you a VCC, which you then enter into your POS terminal. These attract merchant and sometimes cross-border transaction fees, which can be upward of 3.5%+ of the VCC value.  This is on top of the commission the OTAs take!

UseROSS was the first to offer VCCs, and now we’re the first to get rid of them.  We listened to our user’s concerns about the amount of fees they were paying for VCCs, and we’ve changed the way you receive your payments. We have replaced VCCs with a no fee credit card system.

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UseROSS offers a Direct Deposit feature, where booking deposits and payments are transferred directly to your nominated bank account. This option was implemented to save you time and money, as you no longer have to enter credit card details into your POS terminal therefore reducing merchant fees.

Direct Deposit Feature

When you UseROSS, you pay less merchant fees.  Here’s how:

Merchant Fee Savings. Over the course of one year, these merchant fees could be higher than $2,555.00, for a 14-room property! Let’s figure out what you’re paying in Merchant fees:

[Room Rate] x [Number of Rooms] x [Average Occupancy] x [Merchant fee] x [365 days] =

Here’s an example:

$100.00 x 14 x 0.5 (50%) x 0.01 (1%) x 365 = $2,555.00 per year, in Merchant fees.

That’s around $210.00 per month saving!

These are estimates only, as your room rate and merchant fees may be lower or higher than the figures used in this example.

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With UseROSS, you can now promote your property the way YOU want it promoted, not the way the OTAs want to. Upload the photos, descriptions, room details and amenities, that suit you and how you want to promote yourself.

Booking Engine 

Your website is one of the best ways to receive Direct Bookings. Why not add a secure booking engine to it?

  • Create a “BOOK NOW” button on your own website, with a button that links to your inventory, showing real time rates and availability. If you already have a website, why not turn it in to a booking platform and receive bookings which are zero-commission.
  • Accept Online Payment, Upfront. You don’t pay for a flight or a cruise after you’ve reached your destination, you pay at time of booking. With UseROSS you can receive booking deposits, upfront.  Ranging from 10% – 100%, the choice is yours, and it’s all totally secure with our PCI-DSS compliant payment gateway.
  • Drive Direct Bookings by managing your inventory the way you want to, not how the OTAs want to.

Connect to the most popular booking websites. 
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UseROSS is a 2-way, simultaneous Channel Manager, which sends and receives booking information to your connected channels.

2-way channel management

  • Your Property In More Places. The best way to sell your rooms is by being visible on booking channels. UseROSS connects to the largest and most popular booking channels as well as Australia’s busiest Corporate channels and Global Distribution Systems (GDS) via our secure XML connections.
  • Take Back Your Time. Being cloud based enables UseROSS to integrate with multiple bookings simultaneously, via 2-way communications, which mean you can step away from the computer and focus more what’s important to you and your business.

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Personalised Deposit to match your Policies

UseROSS lets you choose the deposit amount you receive for your online bookings.

  • Take Back Control. Control is in your hands, as you decide on the deposit a guest pays at the time of booking. Ranging from 0% right through to 100%, the choice is yours.

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Facebook Page

Adding a Direct Booking Button to your Facebook page is now easier.

  • Use Facebook To Drive Direct Bookings. Facebook isn’t just about chatting with old school friends. Turn Facebook into another booking Channel, where your guests can share their stays, experiences and reviews and recommend you to their friends, and even rebook another stay.
  • Put a “Book Now” button on your Facebook page, and make Facebook your own online booking agent.
  • With our payment gateway, paying via Facebook is 100% secure.

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Cloud Based

You can access your Channel Manager from anywhere!

At inception, we considered what type of system would be “future-proof”, so we designed UseROSS to be cloud-based. 

This means no downloading updates each time a new feature is added, as the whole system is ‘on-demand’ and only displays what you want to see, when you want to see it.  Updates included!

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Multiple properties on one dashboard

Managing all your properties from one single dashboard enables you to change between them simply.

  • Multiple Properties, Easily Managed. If you have more than one property, UseROSS’ multiple-property feature means that you no longer need to log in and out of different accounts to manage them, just select the property from a simple drop-down menu. No passwords, no hassles.

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Flexible Channel management

UseROSS supports all of your room types and packages:

  • Rate plans and types. If you have different rate plans for your peak and off-peak times, or you have special offers, UseROSS can manage these plans and types across your connected channels.
  • Interconnecting rooms. Also called ‘Adjoining’ or ‘Derived’ rooms, UseROSS can easily handle these for you.
  • Sell your interconnected rooms separately, or as adjoining. Once one is sold, UseROSS automatically manages the availability of other room options on your connected channels.
  • Room-based and additional Adult & Child pricing. Whether you sell your rooms based on the number of people in the room, or it’s an all-inclusive price, UseROSS’ set-and-forget technology helps you manage your property easier.
  • Open and Close policies. If you close your reception in the evenings, and don’t wish to receive late bookings, UseROSS can open and close your online reservations for you, at times that suit you and your policies.
  • Reservation modifications, cancellations and rebooking. When a guest modifies or cancels a booking, UseROSS automatically updates the reservation for you. No need to manually update reservation details.

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