UseROSS Release 2.1.0

Release 2.1.0

Date: 07/10/2015


Release 2.1.0 sees a lot of minor improvements to usability and validation functionality. The main addition is the adjustment of the search layout and icon’s being added on the Bookings Tab. Please see for more information about the Bookings Tab


  • Bookings: Search Layout improved
  • Bookings: Guest Name Search now allows for full name searching
  • Bookings: Booking ID Search will now search through UseROSS ID, Group ID, and External Booking ID
  • Bookings: Icons added for various UseROSS Guaranteed Payment Statuses
  • Bookings: Legend added to explain colors and icons
  • Rooms: Room ID displays in Default Settings popup on Rooms Page
  • Rooms: Remove Delete button from beside Channel room names
  • Rooms/Inventory: Room name sorted by Derived, Alphabetical
  • Inventory: Arrows to copy information now allows for side selection rather than just doing the entire period
  • Bulk Change: Stop Sell switched from check-box to drop down list for clarification
  • Book Now Button: Room hidden if unavailable for entire two week display guest is searching for
  • ARRA Hotels: Always accepts Visa and MasterCard payments
  • ARRA Hotels: Displays potential ARRA Travel Saver discount based on selected booking value
  • Front Site: Increase security of browser based logins
  • PMS: Allow inventory updates up to 1000 days into the future


  • Channels: Bookeasy Download Bookings fix
  • Channels: ARRA Corporate auto generate pre-approved bookings fix
  • PMS: Large request Property Management System timeout issues resolved
  • VCC: External Channel AMEX financial fee check
  • VCC: ARRA Hotels bookings no deposit check