Basic User

Bulk Change

Apply public holiday rates, Large period stop sell, Minimum stays for long weekend

Check Booking

Find a booking, Past booking guest details

Reset Password

Change password, Forgot password

Cancel/Refund Bookings

Got a cancellation, Guest asking for refund, Charge a cancellation fee

Change Default Settings

Increase base price of a room, Increase weekend rates, Apply minimum stay on weekends, More rooms available, Extra person rate

Deposit System

Change deposit settings, Enable deposit system, Disable deposit system

Guest Invoice

Send a copy of invoice to the guest for the booking, View a copy of the guest invoice

Advanced User

Rack Rate

Marketing discounted rates

Copy Process

Copy the rates from one channel to another

Commission Rate Adjustment

Cover your commission/transaction fee charged by the channel

Add Room

Add a new room type

Room Mapping

Connect/Link a room in UseROSS to a room in the Channel

Connect A Channel

Connect a new channel to UseROSS

Expert User

Setup UseROSS

The whole process from subscription to completely setup UseROSS

Unmapped Room

Got a booking for an unmapped room

Over Booking

Got double booked