Edit  Rooms:

Edit Rooms lets you edit specific room information (pictures, beds, extras and inclusions) as it displays on the Book Now Button. Select the room you wish to edit and click on Edit to open up the page. See Edit Rooms Information below for information about the edit page.


Payment Methods:

Payment methods allow you to select which options a guest has to provide payment on your Book Now Button. Click the checkboxes below the payment method in order to make it available. A Financial Fee can be applied as a percentage to specific payment methods. This is entered below the corresponding payment method.

Blue exclamation marks beside the payment method mean that the payment is processed by Virtual Credit Card.

Cash CC Guarantee – This requires a guest to provide a credit card in order to guarantee their booking.

EFTPOS –  This doesn’t require a credit card in order to guarantee the booking.


Payment Settings:

Payment Settings allows you to set a Booking Fee that is applied to each booking through the Book Now Button. This can either be a fixed fee (select the dollar symbol from the drop down box), or a percentage of the booking (select the percentage symbol).


Property Photos:

This displays your current property photos that will be displayed on the Book Now Button. Maximum photo size is currently 2MB (although we recommend under 500kB). To add a photo click on ‘Click to Add a Photo’ to open a dialog box to select the photo from your computer. To delete a photo click on the Delete button below the image


Property Location:

The Property Location will show you where your property will appear based on your address which is set in the Property Settings.



Policies will display to the guests when they are making their booking, and in the confirmation e-mail they receive.



Theme allows you to set the colour scheme that is used for the Book Now Button. You can select from predefined themes at the top by clicking on the Drop Down arrow, or select each colour individually.

You can add your motel’s logo by the Upload link beside Logo, or clear the current logo by clicking Clear Logo.

To preview the page click ‘Preview Style’.


Embedding Code:

In order to display the Book Now Button on your personal website you will need to add the code available at the bottom of the page to your website. If you send it to your web developer they will be able to add it for you as this code needs to be hard coded into your website.


Edit Room Information:

Room Pictures:

To add a photo click on ‘Click to Add a Photo’ to open a dialog box to select the photo from your computer. To delete a photo click on the Delete button below the image. The first image in the queue is the one that will display as default.

RoomPicturesBNBRoom Extras:

You can select which extras are available to be added on for this room by clicking the checkbox beside the name of the extras. To display the bedding configuration of the room enter the amount of beds into the text boxes under ‘Room Beds’.


Room Features:

To select which features are included in the room, click on the applicable checkboxes then click on Save Changes to save.