The Budget Motel Chain has partnered with WEX to provide its members with the ability to take guest payments using a Virtual Credit Card (VCC). A VCC means the guest will pay at the time of booking, and a virtual credit card will be made for the motel to take payment. This benefits the motel by ensuring that the money is available and that there is no trouble with payments. It also provides extra security for the guests by limiting the number of places the credit card number is used and the actual Credit Card details are deleted. Storing credit card details online has strict compliance regulations that have to be followed, and by using a Virtual Credit Card it allows for greater security and keeps us up to date with relevant laws.

Taking Payments:

You will be sent an e-mail with a direct link to the card details. You can also access the link to take payment by clicking on the relevant booking in the Bookings Tab of UseROSS. The VCC is active from the day before the guest arrives until 60 days after arrival. This VCC payment is processed only once and any changes/modification to the original booking price will not change the VCC amount. In case the booking price was increased compared to the original booking the guest needs to be charged for the difference amount or arrival.


To process a refund for the payment that has been processed through the VCC please follow the Cancel/Refund Process. Please remember to only refund the room price and not the amount including the financial fee. The refund amount will not be taken from your account it will refunded from a temporary holdings account which receives the payment in the first place. In case the guest modifies the booking to be of lower price than the original booking price then a partial refund needs to be processed.

Transaction Fee:

Please be aware that the creation of a Virtual Credit Card includes a Transaction Fee to cover the costs associated with taking payment and creating a virtual credit card. This fee is currently covered by the guest and is displayed clearly in the booking process. The motels can elect to cover the cost of the Virtual Credit Card Fees themselves. If you elect to cover the financial costs the guest will pay the listed price in UseROSS and a Virtual Card will be made for you to take payment for the value of the booking minus 2.2% for MasterCard and Visa Card. The Financial Fee charged is a Non-refundable fee.

Below are some supporting documents:

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