UseROSS has a constantly growing list of booking channels it’s connected to, encompassing the largest and best selling accommodation sites in the world.

What Is A Channel?

A channel is a website that guests can book online. Each channel will have store availability and rate updates from UseROSS and process bookings directly on the site which UseROSS will then pick up and adjust your overall availability.

How Do I Connect To A Channel?

Each channel is it’s own company (although they can have sub-brands that they also sell rooms on, e.g. Connecting to the Expedia channel will mean you’re sites are also listed on, which is managed by Expedia). In order to connect UseROSS to a channel you first need to contact the channel and make an account with them. Once that’s done you enter the log-in details onto the channels page of UseROSS, link the rooms in the Rooms Page, copy the settings across using the Copy Tool, and you’re done. If you need any assistance with this the support team at UseROSS are always happy to help.

What is a Rate Plan?

A Rate Plan is a way of selling a room on a channel. Channels do this so they can sell your room in multiple ways, e.g. Standard Rates, Packaged with Flights, to Corporate Groups, to different companies, etc. A rate plan will display beside the Room Name in brackets on the Inventory Page.

If you add a rate plan to a channel then you may need to re-map the rooms on the Rooms Page to have it displayed.

What Is A Channel Aggregator?

A channel aggregator is a website that collects the rates on various channels and displays them to the guest in one area. Examples of channel aggregators are TripAdvisor, Trivago, HotelsCombined and Google Hotels. The key difference is that an aggregator doesn’t process the booking of the guest, they’ll instead direct the guest to a channel where the guest will make the booking.

Growing list of booking sites

Channel NameStop SellAvail- abilityRatesMin StayRate PlanCommissionChannel Contact InfoPayment Confirmation
Booking.comGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_Tick12%(+61) 2 9255 9280 / customer.service@booking.comUseROSS VCC
Expedia QuickConnectGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_Tick12% - 15%(+61) 2 8031 8467 / assistanceanz@expedia.comChannel VCC / UseROSS VCC
Book Now ButtonGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_TickRed_Cross0%(+61) 3 9784 4111 / support@arrahotels.comUseROSS VCC
ARRA CorporateGreen_TickGreen_TickRed_CrossRed_CrossRed_Cross10%(+61) 3 9784 4111 / support@arrahotels.comUseROSS VCC
ARRAGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_TickRed_Cross5%(+61) 3 9784 4111 / support@arrahotels.comUseROSS VCC
Agoda 4.0Green_TickGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_Tick15%(+61) 2 8257 4527 / gavin.thomas@agoda.comChannel VCC
Lido (AADX)Green_TickGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_Tick13%1300 023 453 / as per Bookings / Collect on Arrival
The Hotel NetworkGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_TickRed_Cross10%(+61) 2 9414 4900 / VCC / Monthly Invoice
Flight CentreGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_TickRed_CrossRed_Cross10% - 12%(+61) 7 3170 7998 / hotelsupport@quickbeds.comMonthly Payments through Direct Credit
BookeasyGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_TickRed_Cross10% - 15%support@bookeasy.comPeriodic Payments as per agreement
NeedItNowGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_Tick10%(+61) 7 3535 4420 / as per Bookings
JetstarGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_Tick10%1300 558 610 / support@hooroo.comChannel VCC / Payments through Direct Debit
AA Travel (NewZealand)Green_TickGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_TickRed_Cross0% - 10%0800 224 843 / Payments through Direct Credit
AtlasCRSGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_TickAs per Agreementinfo@reconline.comMonthly Payments
BookIt (NewZealand)Green_TickGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_TickRed_Cross15%(+64) 4803 2700 / Payments through Direct Credit
OrbitzGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_Tick15% - 20%hotelsupport@orbitz.comChannel VCC
JetMaxGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_Tick???1300 538 629 /
Stay247Green_TickGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_TickRed_Cross10%(+61) 7 3891 5544 / info@stay247.comBi-Weekly Payments through Direct Credit
Rates to goGreen_TickGreen_TickGreen_Tick?????
AAA Tourism (Australia)Green_TickGreen_TickGreen_Tick?????